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Cultural, Urban (and Random) User Experience

The Galaxy Tab’s Porn Button Explained
Usability News – In Japan, Cellphones have become Too Complex to Use
In Japan, Cellphones Have Become Too Complex to Use
GUERRILLA INNOVATION: Urban Wayfinding for Kids
Urban computing – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The City Is Here For You To Use: (very) provisional bibliography « Adam Greenfield’s Speedbird
Urban computing « Adam Greenfield’s Speedbird
Program » Courses
BBC News – Making things hard to read ‘can boost learning’
Joseph Pine II – Multiverse « Mobile Monday Amsterdam
Passion Meets Momentum
Global city – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
HCI Bibliography : HCI Webliography : Intercultural / International / Multilingual Issues
Flickr: Urban Interaction Design
MOON RIVER: Theory of the Dérive
Why Japan’s Smartphones Haven’t Gone Global –朝日新聞社):POINT OF VIEW/ Takeshi Natsuno: Reshape ‘Galapagos’ cellphones for the world – English
Why Japan’s Smartphones Haven’t Gone Global –
System Interface Design — Osaka University Open Course Ware
Information design – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wayfinding – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Enhancing the experience of public transport users with urban screens and mobile applications | QUT ePrints
CityWare – urban design
Spatial design – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
space syntax – Google Search
Space syntax – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Small Surfaces – mobile user interface design / user experience (ux) / interaction design / agency consultant
UI Guidelines for mobile and tablet web app design | Mobile Web Programming
MIT SENSEable City Lab
Design & Architecture Archives : TreeHugger
Cars & Transportation Archives : TreeHugger
Service design – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
eCUTE: Education in Cultural Understanding, technology enhanced; Responsible Staff: – Human Centered Multimedia – University of Augsburg – Uni Augsburg
UX Storytellers Tools for Pervasive Computing in Urban Environments .pdf Space and Pervasive Systems .pdf
Re-thinking Technologies in Museums: Programme
Feed aggregator | Open Digital Signage
DailyDOOH – asia
Watch a $200 Camera and a Mirror Effect Turn a Short Drive Into a Journey through Waterworld
Pasta&Vinegar » Blog Archive » Flux Fields by Critical Mass
this is a456
extended program :: Urban Screens
Urban Screens | Institute of Network Cultures
cityofsound: The street as platform
Urban Informatics » Projects
Urbanscale | Design for networked cities and citizens
Situated Technologies Pamphlets 1: Urban Computing and its Discontents by Adam Greenfield, Mark Shepard in Arts & Photography
Digital Ground: Architecture, Pervasive Computing, and Environmental Knowing by Malcolm McCullough in Arts & Photography
Do projects. How to bring a Systems/Layers walkshop to your town.
Don Norman’s / Gestural Interfaces: A Step Backwards In Usability
Mobile Usability (Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox)
Flickr: adamgreenfield’s Photostream
Flickr: adamgreenfield’s stuff tagged with signage
FeliCa – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Urban Lenses Lab: PICNIC
Folksonomy – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Do projects.
Forrester reveals who uses location-based services the most | VentureBeat
25 Resources for Measuring Usability: Measuring Usability Blog
Locals and Tourists – a set on Flickr
The Geotaggers’ World Atlas – a set on Flickr
Eric Fischer’s photosets on Flickr
Urbanscale (urbnscl) on Twitter
Pinboard: bookmarks for urbanscale
Top 10 Useful Usability articles for 2010 | Useful Usability
Khan Academy
What a Hundred Million Calls to 311 Reveal About New York | Magazine |
Internationalization and Localization – Apple Developer
Internationalization | Design | Usability Body of Knowledge
International Usability Engineering 70 Japanese Gestures: No Language Communication (9781933330013): Hamiru-aqui, Aileen Chang: Books
52 Weeks of UX
Public objects « Adam Greenfield’s Speedbird
“Viver numa obra de Arte” – Pedro Brandão
deconcrete – everyday urbanisms without architects’ architectures
Technology affordances
Affordance |
Space and Culture › Welcome to Space and Culture – the international journal and weblog dedicated to social spaces of all kinds.
Conteúdos Seminário – Óscar Mealha e Leonardo Pereira – Investigação MCMM
Stuck In Motion – A Cool Video Technique
Why You Learn More Effectively by Writing Than Typing
Pasta&Vinegar » Blog Archive » Smart Cities: how to move from here to there? | Lift11 workshop
An overview of Asian gardens |, the garden landscape guide Learning from the Japanese City: Looking East in Urban Design (Planning, History and Environment Series) (9780419223504): Barrie Shelton: Books
Ascent Stage
Stuck In Motion – A Cool Video Technique
YouTube – Roundtable with Don Norman, Bill Verplank and more #TEI2011
SUS: How to Easily Grade Your Site’s Usability – Jens O. Meiert
Sample chapter from Don’t Make Me Think
Arie Stavchansky | Blog | Web application storyboards with Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator
Designing interfaces in public settings: Understanding the Role of the Spectator in Human-Computer Interaction
Designing Interfaces in Public Settings: Understanding the Role of the Spectator in Human-Computer Interaction Human-Computer Interaction Series: Stuart Reeves: Books
OmniGraffle – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Inverted Pyramid Of Visual Design | Van SEO Design
Traffic sign – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
about Richard Florida – Creative Class
Barcode-to-Bibliography App Makes College Ridiculously Easy | Fast Company
Ideo: Nine Examples of Branded Environments That Mimic the Web’s Fluidity | Co.Design
Jasper Morrison Ltd
Without Thought | Metropolis Magazine
Performativity Pasta&Vinegar » Blog Archive » Urban tragedy: a street sign that lost its performativity
New York City To Put QR Codes On All Building Permits By 2013
Quote – Charles Proteus Steinmetz – Inventor of Alternating Current
Sign Design Society
International Signage
» Interaction Design and Architecture: A Video Primer Johnny Holland – It’s all about interaction » Blog Archive
Create Cross Channel Experiences
Urban Sprawl and Development Wayfinding: Designing and Implementing Graphic Navigational Systems (9782880468187): Craig Berger: Books
Smart Mobs
Does Web “banner blindness” correlate with in-store screen viewership? | Sixteen:Nine
Usability Testing: How to statistically compare the usability of different designs – Usability Research – Spotless Interactive
The psychology of banner ads
About « Tokyo Stories
rapaz do IN+ tem algumas pub interessantes
Andrew Vande Moere Research through Design in the Context of Teaching Urban Computing
Marcus Foth | Handbook of Research on Urban Informatics: The Practice and Promise of the Real-Time City
Urban Informatics
3 Representational Models That Affect Usability | Van SEO Design
Haikyo (Exploration of urban decay) – a set on Flickr
Exploring the Haikyo and Ruins of Japan | Michael John Grist
City of Bits
Bill Mitchell – Placing Words – The MIT Press Placing Words: Symbols, Space, and the City (9780262633222): William J. Mitchell: Books
Landscape urbanism – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Urban design – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Usability News – Playability: Usability in the Gaming World
Week 13: Too much is never enough | Urbanscale
Methods | Usability Body of Knowledge
findability aplicado a Cidades?
The Language of Interaction”topiary+interaction”
In Japan: Smartphones Outsell Feature Phones For The First Time design thinking
GUERRILLA INNOVATION: This is Service Design Thinking: 3 questions with Marc Stickdorn
Flickr: Urban screens
Call for imagery: Urban screens | Urbanscale
Architecture v. Web Design
How Number Psychology Impacts the Prices You’ll Pay
Retail Customer Experience |
Digital Signage Today |
Évora InovCity – Smart Energy Living
Out-of-home advertising: Billboard boom | The Economist / House & Home – Liveable v lovable
YouTube – Bershka Shibuya interactive floor (Tokyo)
Journal of Urban Technology
Networked City Index
muita informaçao publica estatica (posters, information screens, wc signs etc) e sinaletica é location specific. so funciona ali e foi desenhada para aquele sitio e contexto em particular. exemplo é a sinaletica de obras ou as que mostram as rotundas c
Cities in Motion – Paradox Interactive Urban Transformation: Understanding City Form and Design (9781597264815): Peter Bosselmann: Books
adaptive path » our reading list

UPA:People Pages – Consultants

Heuristics for User Interface Design

AskTog: First Principles of Interaction Design

Kindle vs. iPhone/iPod Touch: Human/Machine Interaction & User Experience

User Testing and Market Research Software by TechSmith

User-centered application definition: a methodology and case study – includes related articles on interviewing and storyboarding techniques | Hewlett-Packard Journal | Find Articles at BNET

Aaron Forth | UX Week 2009 | Adaptive Path on Vimeo

UX Booth: User Experience Blog & Free Website Usability Testing

10 Most Common Misconceptions About User Experience Design design

Usability Testing Versus Expert Reviews :: UXmatters

Anne Holland’s Which Test Won – A/B Test & Multivariate Testing Education for Marketing Professionals

Screening out liars from your user research- 90 Percent of Everything

Diff between Market and UX research

Notes on User Centered Design Process (UCD) – Usability Home

Usabilla – Transparent Usability: Lean and mean testing

UX Bookstore

UXmatters :: Insights and inspiration for the user experience community

ux – Topsy

Usability First: User Interaction Principles

Usability First: Design Philosophy

Card sorting: a definitive guide – Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design

15 Valuable Usability PDFs You Never Heard Of | Useful Usability

52 Weeks of UX

Usability Body of Knowledge

UsabilityNet: usability resources for practitioners and managers

UsabilityNet: Methods table

HCI Bib Human-Computer Interaction – User Interface Usability

When to Use Which User Experience Research Methods (Alertbox)

Risks of Quantitative Studies (Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox)

Field Studies Done Right: Fast and Observational (Alertbox)

Usability Metrics (Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox)

12 ways to turbocharge your usability career

10 UX (User Experience) Blogs to Watch in 2010 : Web 2.0 : Technology :

Statistical significance

Touch User Interface – Touch Screen and Multi Touch

Ethno-Mining: Integrating Numbers and Words from the Ground Up

Demystifying Usability

Other UX learning Material

User experience evaluation – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

discount usability – Guerrilla HCI

Five Ways to Make Any Usability Test More Credible

Gestalt psychology – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Culturally Customized Website

Design thinking – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Journal of Motor Behaviour 1987, Vo1. 19, No. 4, 486 517

TechTalk – NUI – What’s in a Name? | | Channel 9

google.jpg (600×495)

Harry Beck – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

UX Storytellers

FAQs – Frequently Asked Usability Questions for Web Marketing Resources LLC

Loading… : Acessibilidade à Web

Color Matters – Effect of Color on Ecology and Usability

Measuring Usability: Quantitative Usability, Statistics and Six-Sigma

UX Movement – User Interface Blog

YouTube – User Research and Usability Testing

People Flow – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Worldchanging: Bright Green: Future City Videos

Rosenfeld Media – Publisher of user experience design books and webinars

Putting A/B Testing in Its Place (Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox)

Why You Only Need to Test with 5 Users

Methods | Usability Body of Knowledge

Gamasutra – Features – A Guide To iOS Twin Stick Shooter Usability

researchmethodschart.jpg (743×520)

Gamasutra – Features – The Player Becomes The Producer: Natural User Interface Design Impact

Kinect Gestural UI: First Impressions (Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox)

Storyboard – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

ATPM – Archives – Quick Tips in Design

Jesse James Garrett: Visual Vocabulary for Information Architecture

Theory of planned behavior – Theories Used in IS Research

ACM Classic Books Series

“interaction urban” on SlideShare


Recommended Books