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Work on Environmental Engineering

MSc Thesis:  Ubiquitous Computing and Natural Interfaces for Environmental Information


Project: Google Earth

Description: Creating a web content manager, for a shared note system on Google Earth

Project: XLMiner

Description: Predicting possible flood risks 3 days  before, for the hidrometric  station of Agroal in Tejo River Basin

Project: Interactive Visualization

Description: Describing an environmental problem using interactive

visualization: 3D Modelling and animation

Project: Energy Efficiency

Description: Estimate household energetic consumption and equivalent CO2 emissions. Proposals to mitigate consumption and correspondent RoI


Project: Sampling Plan

Description: Developing a sampling plan to estimate electricity consumption for several households in a city

Project: Carbon Balance – GIS

Description: Estimation, using GIS, of the amount of carbon sequestered by the Portuguese forest by means of the CASA model (net primary productivity) and comparison with carbon emissions on the same area

Project: Eco-Design

Description: Developing a more sustainable product

Project: IC32 – CRIPS

Description: Environmental impact evaluation for the IC32 project

Project: Noise map

Description: Lisbon Noise map analysis

Project: Lough Foyle

Description: Spatial distribution of aquaculture and legislation in Lough Foyle (Ireland)

Project:  Montargil Dam

Description: Characterization of Montargil dam and reservoir


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