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About me

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Diogo Almeida: Design researcher / Environmental Engineer that fell in love with Interaction design. And still is.

Currently a PhD student at Keio University, Tokyo.

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My research interests lie within the fields of Human-Computer Interaction: Natural Interface Design, User Experience and Urban Environments. I am interested in studying how people use interfaces in urban spaces and how technology influences behavior. The problems I address become increasingly significant as technology, specifically interactive artifacts, start to leave rooms and invade cities with little thought on how they should be integrated and how people behave in their presence. My research aims for the standardization of interactions between devices, seamless integration in the urban fabric and into people’s daily lives.

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 Other Interests

_Prototyping Tangible Interfaces

_Personal Fabrication as means of democratizing innovation

_Input and output systems with less electronics, using unconventional materials (e.g.,ferrofluid, chromic materials), physical properties (e.g,,magnetism, light polarization), and chemical reactions (plants, bacteria)

_Service design

_Persuasive computing, fun factor and behavioral change through technology

_Game Design: game mechanics and interface

_Climate change and renewable energies, energy harvesting in particular

See my MSc thesis and work as Environmental Engineer