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On Murder and Being an Individual in the Future.

If we were in the future, and at this moment I was copied, exactly atom by atom, my experiences, my memories, my consciousness, and after one second as i look at my copy in disbelief, I am shot and killed, or disintegrated by some weapon, that would be murder. the “my original self” is killed.
However, (assuming there was teleportation technology that cannot transfer matter) if I voluntarily stepped inside a capsule that transferred my consciousness/memories to another place, while my atoms were rebuilt exactly the same in another place while my old body is separated, that would be fine, I was just teleporting myself. and I am still the only one … am I the same individual??
copy+paste….cut+paste: is this the difference between being the same individual or not?
What about murder..?The only difference is …one second, or the existence of both individuals at the same time near each other. that is the difference between brutal murder and just teleportation? or is it the fact that the act of being disintegrated is volunteer or not? Would it be a form of eutanasia?


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