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Upside Down Houses

turned houses

turned housesupside turned houses


It is quite debatable whether upside down houses are architectural splendor or crazy creations. It is even more confusing whether these buildings are suitable for practical use. Whatever might be the topic of argument regarding these upside down architectural structures, some of the famous buildings around the world are really upside down.This article will give you an idea of some of the renowned buildings of the word which are totally upside down.


1.Upside down restaurant in Japan.


upside down structure in Japan

upside down structure in JapanThis building is a hotel in Japan

Located at the Matsumoto city in Japan, this restaurant is an architect’s surprise. This restaurant, which is named as the Sakasa Restaurant has been designed carefully so that the interior part of the building, the lighting, furniture, fixture and everything seem to appear upside down. This is again confusing as to how much satisfied the customers feel while enjoying their food here.

2. Upside down building in Florida, USA.


Sunrise golf club in Florida

Sunrise golf club in FloridaUpside down building designed by Norman Johnson

The upside down building at Florida in USA is the Sunrise Golf Village, designed by Norman Johnson. It seems that the building rests on the tip of the tilted thatch. From the furniture, all the indoor container plants to everything inside the building is kept upside down. Only the signboard in the courtyard and the palm tree is exempted from the weird idea of the architect of this building.

3. Upside down church in Canada.



churchchurch in canada

This church, known as Device to Root Out Evil, is designed by Dennis Oppenheim of USA. This 25 feet tall building, having aluminum frames with red tinted glass in the windows was first installed at Vancouver in Canada. Later it was shifted to Calgary in Alberta. The whole upside down church rests on the tip of its chimney. But this architectural design was rejected and considered as inappropriate for the campus of Stanford University by its President.

4. Upside down buildings at Florida and Tenessee in USA.



usabuilding in USA

The famous upside down building in Florida is an amusement center. It has two branches, one in Orlando and another in Florida. It resembles a giant sized White House while its axis has been turned around.

5. Upside down building in Germany.


building in Germany

building in GermanyBuilding in Germany

Situated in the island of Usedom in Germany, this upside down building is known as Die Welt Steht Kopf which in English means, the world stands on its head. It is designed by Klaudiusz Golos and Sebastian Mikiciuk, who incorporated this theme of upside-down in the interior of this building too. Thus, each and every furniture, décor and everything is turned upside down.

6. Upside down house in Russia.



russiabuilding in russia

This upside down house is found in St. Petersburg in Russia. It seems that the tip of the house has turned around and poked its head on the ground. But the dog house that is outside does not follow this queer rule.

7. Upside down building in Poland.


upside down house at Poland

upside down house at PolandThis house is a silent protect against the then reigning political scenario

Situated in the village of Szymbark in Poland, this upside down house was built by Daniel Czapiewski, who was a renowned businessman and philanthropist of that area. The owner of this house hired carpenters and laborers from St. Petersburg to work on his project. It took 114 days to complete the architecture. He satirized the follies and faults of the Communist era by this architectural design of his house.


via: designbuzz


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