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Signtel – New sign language for the hearing impaired


Conceived for those who have to face a lot of difficulties while communicating with the remaining population and need to use sign language, Signtel is a new device which promises to give them a helping hand. Normally, the hearing impaired individuals have to use an interpreter or use written language, and these might not always be handy. So, the newly evolved sign language interpreter conceptualized by the UK-based designer Viktoria Volosin converts spoken language into sign language and also, converts sign language into spoken or written language for ensuring effective communication.


It uses speech recognition to recognize and convert speech and sign language recognition to recognize and convert sign language. This could be a groundbreaking invention which would help deaf individuals to be more communicative with others and allow them to be more spontaneous speakers.

Signtel Picture Gallery

 signtel 2  signtel 3  signtel 4
 signtel 5  signtel6




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